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10m Indoor Cable Bundle (1x10m Cat6a + 1x0.5m Cat6a)




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One cable bundle is needed for each access point.


This bundle includes 1 x 10m Cat6a cable (from access point to PoE Injector) plus 1 x 0.50m Cat6a cable to run between PoE Injector and your inside switch/router/Starlink Ethernet adapter


CAT6A is capable of supporting data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps at a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz. CAT6A has additional and tighter twists, with additional insulation to reduce crosstalk. CAT6A is also backwards compatible with CAT6 and CAT5E, however, speeds are always limited and will perform to the lowest category cable or connector that is installed in the link.


CAT6A is fast becoming the most cost-effective solution as it is seen as a future-proof cable system. One of the main arguments in favour of installing CAT6A infrastructure now is to future-proof the network. Therefore, if the planned lifetime of a new cabling system is five or more years, CAT6A should be considered as an option. If the planned lifetime of the network is ten years or more, CAT6A definitely appears to be the favoured solution.



Maximum Bandwidth: 500MHz
Maximum Distance: 100 metres
Maximum Data Rate: 10Gbps