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Fortinet FortiToken Mobile (FTM) and hardware OTP Tokens are fully integrated with FortiClient, protected by FortiGuard, and leverage direct management and use within the FortiGate and FortiAuthenticator security platforms. Fortinet two-factor authentication solutions are easy to manage and easy to use.


FortiToken is the client component of Fortinet's highly secure, simple to use and administer, and cost-effective two-factor solution for meeting strong authentication needs. This application makes Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices behave like a hardware-based OTP token without the hassle of having to carry yet another device. Push notification shows details on the mobile device to approve or deny with one tap.


Alternatively, hardware-based OTP tokens can be used to prevent users' passwords from being stolen via phishing, dictionary, and brute-force attacks.


FortiToken Software

FortiToken Mobile is an OATH compliant OTP generator application for the mobile device, supporting both time-based (TOTP) and event-based (HOTP) tokens.


FortiToken Mobile is simple to use and administer and provision for the system administrator. The token seeds are generated dynamically, minimizing online exposure. Binding the token to the device is enforced and the seeds are always encrypted at rest and in motion.


FortiToken Cloud

Easy Management with SMS Credits (3,125 - 25 User subscription and 12,500 with 100 user subscription) included and yearly billing


FortiToken Card

The FortiToken 220 OTP token form factor is a mini credit card that fits into a wallet. The card is also shipped with a pre-cut hole for a keyring.


FortiToken Token

FortiToken 200B is part of Fortinet's broad and flexible two-factor authentication offering. It is an OATH compliant, TOTP. It is a small, keychain-sized device that offers real mobility and flexibility for the end user.


There is no client software to install. Simply press the button and the FortiToken 200B generates and displays a secure one-time password every 60 seconds. The password verifies user identity for access to critical networks and applications. The LCD big screen of the rugged FortiToken 200B is much easier to read than other OTP tokens. There is an indicator on the screen displaying the time left until the next OTP generation. FortiToken 200BCD tokens are shipped with an encrypted activation CD for the ultimate in OTP token seed security.


FortiToken USB

The FortiToken 300 is a high-security PKI based token that ensures private keys are generated, stored and used internally in a secure chip, meaning the keys are never at risk of being stolen. 


The FortiToken 300 token is a USB-interfaced device that requires no drivers (i.e., driverless) for most operating system (OS) including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is natively recognized by the OS, making it easy to use with no plugins necessary.


  • Datasheets and Guides

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