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MA-CBL-LEAK-1 Meraki MT12 Water Leak Detection Cable




Please note that no Meraki products are kept in stock within Australia.  Once ordered despatch will take place direct from Cisco Meraki the USA.   Delivery times can vary so please check first before ordering.

Each Meraki device needs a valid yearly license to allow it to function.

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8 ft (2.4 m) water leak detection cable for MT12 to maximise coverage and protection of business-critical assets.


The MT12 water leak detection sensor helps protect your critical infrastructure from failed HVAC systems, adverse weather conditions, and leaky pipes that can cause network downtime and equipment failure.



8 ft (2.4 m) water leak detection cable for MT12
Connect up to two cables for 16 ft of leak detection
Detect as little as a teaspoon of water
Get hands-on with your environmental data.
Transform your organisation with IoT sensors.