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S8-POE Alta Labs 8 Port PoE Switch (4 Ports PoE) - 60W




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Looking for a high-performance network switch that takes your enterprise connectivity to the next level? Introducing the Alta Labs 8-Port Enterprise Network Switch with cutting-edge Layer 2 capabilities and advanced 60W Power over Ethernet (PoE) support.


The Alta Labs 8-Port Switch is designed to handle the demands of large-scale networks, ensuring smooth data flow and optimal connectivity.  Engineered for seamless network management and superior data transmission, this feature-rich network switch is a must-have for modern businesses seeking enhanced productivity and efficiency.


The Alta Labs S8‑PoE is a compact switch with eight 10/100/1000 ports, four of which support PoE+. It can be placed on a desktop or mounted on a wall. All of the Alta Labs switches include Bluetooth functionality for seamless device setup.


The Alta Labs switches feature PoE+ connectivity with a number of ports capable of providing up to 30 Watts of power per port. The switches support the 802.3at PoE+ standard and are backwards compatible with the 802.3af PoE standard. The S8‑PoE offers four PoE+ ports with a PoE budget of 60 Watts. Power your Alta Labs Access Points and other devices that support 802.3at or 802.3af standards.



60W Power Over Ethernet
8 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
4 x PoE+ Ports


Bluetooth Setup: The Alta Labs S8-POE includes Bluetooth functionality allowing for seamless setup using the Alta Labs mobile app.


Mobile App: Monitor and manage your networks from the convenience of your mobile device. The management interface is easily accessible via mobile app or web browser. Sign up for an Alta Labs account using just your name, email, and password or use Google Authentication.


Scalable Cloud-Based Management: Alta Labs provides an intuitive and easy‑to‑use cloud‑based management interface for Alta Labs access points and switches. Designed for optimum scalability using a high‑availability architecture for the ultimate in convenience and worldwide accessibility. Built on a worldwide content delivery network to optimise response and latency, the Alta Labs global cloud infrastructure ensures geographically optimised connectivity through the Alta Labs redundant network. Deploy and manage multiple sites quickly and easily. Add, delete, or rename sites instantly. Toggle between sites from a site selection drop‑down. Each site contains its own data set.


Egress and Ingress Rate Limiting: The Alta Labs S8-POE offers egress and ingress rate limiting. This allows inbound and outbound traffic to be limited to a portion of the available bandwidth per connection. For example, a hotel may want to provide guests with free 5 Mbps internet download (egress) connections but require guests pay an extra fee for 100+ Mbps speeds. The upload (ingress) speeds from the guests devices can also be limited


Advanced Features: Join the Alta Labs community of users to brainstorm innovative uses of advanced features via the Alta Labs command line interface.


IGMP Snooping: IGMP Snooping functionality is incorporated into Alta Labs switches to optimise network performance by reducing unnecessary traffic. This is particularly helpful for IPTV or multicast video streams.


802.1X Authentication: Alta Labs switches support 802.1x Authentication to allow for more dynamic methods of network authentication.


Network Loop Detection: Network loops can deteriorate performance or even cause network failure. The Alta Labs built‑in network loop detection functionality is designed to help you eliminate any potential network loops.


Alta Labs Cloud Management Platform: The Alta Labs Cloud Management Platform provides many features that can be utilised on your Alta Labs Switches.


Customisable Dashboard: Customise your dashboard with the information you want to see: IP address, Load, number of devices, MAC address, firmware version, network color assignment, and real‑time status details. Details are sortable by column.


Status Snapshots: View upload and download throughput with a visual timeline on the dashboard for each device displayed along with the number of connected devices, average processor load, channel load, and average connected devices. Select a snapshot of the last minute, last hour, last two days, or last two months.


Device Cards: Easily view connection details and configure your ports by clicking the device icon.


Site Manager: The Alta Site Manager provides an overview of all sites, displays the number of devices for each site, and shows when updates are needed. New sites can be added and current sites can be duplicated or removed. Use the search option to look for a specific site.


Mounting Flexibility: The S8‑PoE switch has padding for desktop placement and notches for mounting on the included wall‑mount bracket.

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