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Sonicwall Hosted Email Security



SKU: 02-SSC-2604

Please choose the model you are renewing for and then the number of years. Licenses take about 48 working hours to be issued and we will email them directly to you once we receive them from SonicWall.

Please note - It is helpful if you can include your appliances serial number at the checkout so the license can be matched correctly.

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SonicWall Hosted Email Security provides cloud based protection against inbound and outbound email threats including spam, phishing, zombie attacks and malware.


It offers all the essential email hygeine features such as anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-spooling, per user junkbox, LDAP server support, data loss prevention, compliance, and 7 days of email continuity. 24x7  support is included in the bundle.


This is a SaaS offering and no on-premises installation is required. Good fit for individual organisations as well as MSSP.


The Advanced version provides zero-day threat protection against known as well as unknown attachment-based and URL-based threats using best in-class SonicWall Capture sandbox with RTDMI.


The table below summaries the differences between 'SonicWall Hosted Email Security Essentials' and 'SonicWall Hosted Email Security Advanced'.

Anti-Spam Y Y
Anti-Malware Y Y
Anti-Phishing Y Y
Anti-Spoofing Y Y
Real-Time Threat Intelligence Y Y
Data Loss Prevention Y Y
Email Continuity Y Y
24X7 Support Y Y
Attachment Sandboxing with Capture ATP N Y
Time-of-Click URL Protection N Y
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