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WG9016 WatchGuard Firebox T80 4G LTE Module (APAC)

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SKU: WG9016

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WatchGuard Firebox T80 4G LTE Module - APAC


With a growing demand for connectivity to Cloud-based applications and services, the need for multiple connection options is higher than ever. Network environments are getting more diverse with a vast array of options to choose from. WatchGuard’s expandable network modules offer room to grow for the future. If the need for more network ports into the Firebox grows, you don’t have to do a costly rip-and-replace. Network administrators can simply add a new module to the existing appliance to increase port density.


WatchGuard continues to expand connection options for our Firebox appliances. With the addition of the T80 LTE Module from WatchGuard, customers can leverage the integrated LTE connections to be sure they can stay connected to the applications and services they need to run their businesses.


Key Features:

Easily integrate LTE connectivity without adding a new appliance
Adds additional Internet option for failover
Minimizes risk of Internet outages
Works with a variety of cell vendors
Simplified management to a single gateway appliance