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Latest Barracuda Awards

Latest Barracuda Awards

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Barracuda wins Best Email Security Solution in SC Awards Europe 2020


Barracuda Total Email Protection, which bundles four industry-leading solutions in a single package, was recognized for providing comprehensive protection against business email compromise, account takeover, and CEO fraud.


Barracuda Sentinel named Best Use of Machine Learning / AI in SC Awards Europe 2020


Barracuda Sentinel was described by judges as an “Excellent use of ML”, with one commenting, “What Barracuda do in this space is exceptionally important and offering a critical layer of email protection.”


Barracuda recognized as Highly Commended in Best IoT/IIoT Security category in SC Awards Europe 2020


Barracuda Secure Connector appliances earned the title of Highly Commended in the Best IoT/IIoT Security Solution category in the SC Awards Europe 2020. Judges described it as a “great fully integrated end-to-end solution for secure connectivity,” with “good awareness of customers' emerging needs at scale.