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Sophos - Advance notice of changes to XG application signatures

Hi XG community, We are giving customers advance notice of upcoming changes to Application signatures in XG Firewall. These changes will take effect in the week beginning May 18, 2018. They will affect all versions of XG Firewall currently in use.  

Application name changes

Several of our application signatures have names that are no longer appropriate for the applications they detect or that are inconsistent with our current naming practices. As these changes take effect, they may cause the following customer impacts:

  • Reports that cover the period during which the change occurs will show separate entries for the old and the new names
  • If you have saved reports that select data based on the old application name, those reports will need to be updated

App Filter policy rules will automatically adapt to use the new names.

Current application name New application name File Transfer
Hotmail Webmail
Boxnet Download Box
SkyDrive Base OneDrive
SkyDrive File Upload OneDrive File Upload
SkyDrive File Download OneDrive File Download
SkyDrive Application OneDrive Application
Sharefile Upload/Download Sharefile

Application removal

Some of our application signatures were created to detect traffic from applications that are no longer operational or for application features that no longer exist. Removing these signatures should have little or no customer impact as none of these signatures will have triggered for some time. The following applications will be removed:

Application Name
Orkut Website
Orkut Android
NeverMail WebMail
Sharepoint Blog Comment
Sharepoint View Doc file
Sharepoint Download PDF
Sharepoint View Excel Sheet
Sharepoint Authentication
Google wave Website
iGoogle Applications

Future updates

We may need to make further changes to application names, or remove obsolete application signatures from time to time. Where possible, we will provide prior notice of these changes via this release notes & news forum.

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