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Sophos Central Admin-Unable to change login email address in "Account Details" section of Sophos Central Admin dashboard

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This article describes an issue when attempting to change the login email address in the "Account Details" section of the Sophos Central Admin dashboard. See example below:

NOTE: (This issue is with the change of the login email address only. If you are keeping the existing email address and changing the password this change will work fine.)  

The following sections are covered:

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions
Sophos Central Admin


What to do

You may have experienced no changes after attempting to change and save the login email address in the "Account Details" section of your Sophos Central Admin dashboard.

This is currently a known issue, in the interim of this being resolved please follow the instructions in the workaround section below.


Create a new user with the new email address you attempted to use in the "Account Details" section above.

  1. Create user.
  2. Assign and apply the Super Admin role to this user.
  3. Follow instructions in the email that was sent to set the password for this user.
  4. Login to the Central Admin dashboard with this user and password.
  5. Delete the login email user you were attempting to replace in the "Account Details" section 

Current Status

Development are aware of this issue and this article will be updated when further information is provided.


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