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Sophos Central Dashboard: Why does a newly created Global Exclusion disappear after saving and refreshing?


This article explains a known behavior where our built in anti-script check will prevent a Global Exclusion from being saved if you use (intentionally or not) anything that resembles HTML code, such as the combination of '<' and '>' in the Comment section.

Global Settings-->Global Exclusions:

After selecting 'Save' (See #1 below) - the UI will show a green toast message saying this was successful (see #2 below), and the change or addition will remain in the UI (see #3 below).

The issue is only seen when you either browse away, then back to this page, or if you refresh the page, the change will be removed. For example:

  • If you were creating a new exclusion, that exclusion will be removed
  • If you edited a current exclusions Comment section, that comment will revert to before  new global exclusion or editing of a current exclusion

This article describes this behavior and how to work around this in the interim of improved UI error display for this. 

The following sections are covered:

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions
Sophos Central Admin

What to do

  • If you experience this behavior (Your changes are removed or reverted when you either browse away, then back to this page, or if you refresh the page) - review what you are entering in the comments section and remove/edit/replace any < > combinations before saving.
    • One common use case, is copy/pasting email addresses into the Comments section, where the format of the email is pasted within these carrots.
  • A future version of Central will proactively warn/alert you that invalid text was entered.

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