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Sophos - RED Firmware 2.0.018 Pattern Update

Hi XG Community!

We've finished RED Firmware 2.0.018. This firmware is available via pattern update.

Issues Resolved

  • NC-50247 [RED_Firmware] RED15w continous reboots with version upgrade
  • NC-45225 [RED_Firmware] DNS does not work in transparent/split mode if gateway and DNS server are different but in same network
  • NC-46075 [RED_Firmware] Can't connect to UTM in transparent/split mode and FQDN as UTM hostname
  • NC-46078 [RED_Firmware] Offline provisioned RED15 lose their config in case of UTM reboot
  • NC-46081 [RED_Firmware] Can not download configuration from provisioning server if NTP server can't be reached
  • NC-46922 [RED_Firmware] RED50 does not startup anymore after update
  • NC-43786 [Wireless] Firmware upgrade on REDw can cause corrupt payload and AP becomes inactive

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