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Sophos - Central Management 2019.30 Released

The Tech Geeks |

Hi XG Community!

We've released Central Management 2019.30 for Sophos Central.

What's New in Central Management 2019.30

  • Firmware management for managed firewalls
    Keeping your firewalls up-to-date, easier than ever! Sophos central will now show you when new firmware is available for any of your managed firewalls, and each one can be upgraded immediately, with a single click.

Issues Resolved in Central Management 2019.30

  • NR-1949 [Central] Alerts for firmware upgrade notification
  • NR-2074 Proxy validation form and FE issue that related to IP addresses and port
  • NR-2075 Firmware upgrade support on the base of firewall version
  • NR-2082 Backups are disappearing and re-appearing in the backups list when pin or generate actions are happening
  • NR-2128 [Backup] Device list enhancemen
  • NR-2140 No subsequent backups appear on UI after 5 backups are generated
  • NR-2141 Change the display of backups in the list with the latest on top
  • NR-2161 Display 6 backups overall: 5 latest in the list + 1 pinned if user has 6 or more backups
  • NR-2170 [Backups] 6 backups are displayed
  • NR-2171 [Backups] Backups popup notifications are missing