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Sophos Firewall Manager SFM 17.1 MR2 Released

The Tech Geeks |

Hi XG Community!

We've released SFMOS v17.1.2 MR2 for the Sophos Firewall Manager. The firmware will be available by manual download from the Licensing Portal and via auto-update.

Issues Resolved in SFM 17.1 MR2

  • NCCC-7813 [SFM] Check for latest Firmware option does not work for specific device XG210
  • NCCC-8506 [SFM] SSLv3/TLSv1 supported on port 8443
  • NCCC-8880 [SFM] SCFM & SFM - devices are not showing up under "check for latest firmware"
  • NCCC-8881 [SFM] Pushing user object with profile of "Administrator" fails