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Sophos Wireless Update 2.1.3 (Staged release)


The v2.1.3-2 release brings a number of bug fixes which help to deliver an overall better Wi-Fi experience.

Bug Fixes

Issue Key Summary
CWIFI-10091 Few client disconnections are observed when Rogue AP is enabled
CWIFI-10655 Auth DOS Attack: Kernel crash observed on APX320
CWIFI-10522 Legacy AP models AP100/55 does not support more than 120 clients per radio
CWIFI-9412 CVE-2018-14526: Unauthenticated EAPOL-Key decryption in wpa_supplicant
CWIFI-10193 AP does not allows the user to connect again after mac filter update
CWIFI-10605 Mesh: AP TX/RX Workload (zero) and Memory (51%) for MESH AP
CWIFI-10565 Legacy AP100/55 crashes and reboots when 124 or more clients connected on 2.4Ghz radio
CWIFI-10559 AP Channel list: Country specific channels are not getting updated on Cloud UI after 'sites' change
CWIFI-9403 CVE-2018-0732 - Openssl “denial of service during forward secrecy setup
CWIFI-10153 Captive portal: user can't enable client isolation for Captive portal based SSID profile
CWIFI-9440 5GHz SSID not broadcasting  in APX320 when mesh in enabled
CWIFI-10189 Channel change events are seen for the AP where channel is manually configured.
CWIFI-10329 APX 320 (ROW): Cloud UI shows channel 36 for Indonesia ( 5.150-5.725 disabled ) & Ch width 40MHz
CWIFI-10191 APs are going down/inactive due to kernel panic
CWIFI-10525 SSID with (Captive portal + dynamic vlan) Configuration Should Not be Allowed
CWIFI-10232 Slider control for scheduling settings for network availability is not working when it's start or end point set to 11 PM

Known Issues

Issue Key Summary
CWIFI-10343 Intel-8265 chipset (Window 2010) clients are not getting associated when Fast roaming is enabled.

Note : Disable Fast roaming under SSID config if Intel-8265 chipset clients are present in the network.

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