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Sophos XG Firewall: delivering industry firsts

Sophos XG Firewall: delivering industry firsts

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By staying focused on solving today’s problems with network security, Sophos XG Firewall has delivered industry firsts and unique innovations. By staying focused on solving today’s problems with network security: revealing hidden risks, blocking unknown threats and automatically responding to incidents, Sophos XG Firewall has delivered industry firsts and unique innovations.

Endpoint integration

No other company is close to delivering this type of communication between endpoint and network security products. – IDC

XG Firewall was the first firewall to offer Synchronized Security, enabling it to communicate directly with endpoints on the network. Through the Security Heartbeat™ your Sophos-managed endpoints and XG Firewall share real-time health status information. And, any network systems at risk of infection are instantly identified and automatically isolated until they can be cleaned up. Time is saved, infections are prevented from spreading to different parts of the network and potential data loss or theft is limited. Security Heartbeat™ was an industry first, and you’ll only find it at Sophos.

Game-changing app control

The latest version of the Sophos XG Firewall represents a significant improvement in network application visibility, especially in regards to unknown applications. It’s an innovative solution to an industry-wide problem that has been getting increasingly challenging over time. – IDC

Launching as part of XG Firewall v17, Synchronized App Control is not only an industry first but a game-changer in network visibility. The problem with app control in most firewalls today is the dependency on signatures.  Some apps will never have signatures, others apps constantly change their signatures and many apps simply emulate browsers in order to connect out through the firewall.  Since you can’t control what you can’t see, it’s impossible to manage any of these apps. Synchronized App Control changes all this by taking advantage of Sophos Synchronized Security.  Now, whenever an unknown or generic app is detected, the endpoint can provide details about the application generating that traffic.  It can even automatically classify many previously unidentified apps making control instant.  And it allows you to easily assign any newly discovered app to a suitable category, automatically applying policy, so you can easily block the apps you don’t want while prioritizing the ones you do. See just how powerful Synchronized App Control is and how easy it is to take advantage of it…

Sophos XG Firewall also includes a bunch of other important differences from other firewalls out there:

  •  The all-new control-center provides instant insights into risks on the network.
  • On-box reporting offers hundreds of reports – included at no extra charge.
  • Comprehensive protection technologies includes an Intrusion Prevention System, Advanced Threat Protection and more.
  • Unified firewall rule management provides a full view of your security posture all on one screen.

XG Firewall works with Intercept X or Central Endpoint Advanced to provide a complete Synchronized Security Solution. Intercept X also works alongside your existing endpoint security product and with our new XG Series appliances you can utilize our built-in bypass ports or bypass port FleXi Port Modules to run XG Firewall in line with your existing firewall without any risk or disruption to your existing network. Give XG Firewall a test drive today.