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Day & Night Comparison - Ubiquiti Cameras

Day & Night Comparison - Ubiquiti Cameras

We get asked so many times what angle of field do you get and what is the quality like of each of the Ubiquiti cameras.

The below is by no means a perfect comparison.  It just involved me mounting each camera in the same location to give you an idea of that angle of view and the quality of the image.  There are two street lights that give off some ambient light so please be aware of that when you compare the night shots.

I tested the G3 Instant, G4 Instant, G3 Flex, G5 Flex,  G3 Bullet, G4 Bullet, G5 Bullet, G4 Dome, G5 Dome, AI Bullet, G4 Pro

I hope this gives you some idea of what the difference looks like.

Ubiquiti G3 Instant (picture is slightly less clear as it has been out in full sun for 6 months)

Ubiquiti G3 Instant - Daylight

Ubiquiti G3 Instant - Night

Ubiquiti G4 Instant

Ubiquiti G4 Instant - Daylight

Ubiquiti G4 Instant - Night

Ubiquiti G3 Flex

Ubiquiti G3 Flex - Daylight

Ubiquiti G3 Flex - Night

Ubiquiti G5 Flex

Ubiquiti G5 Flex - Daytime

Ubiquiti G5 Flex - Night

Ubiquiti G3 Bullet

Ubiquiti G3 Bullet - Daylight

Ubiquiti G3 Bullet - Night

Ubiquiti G4 Bullet

Ubiquiti G4 Bullet - Daylight

Ubiquiti G4 Bullet - Night

Ubiquiti G5 Bullet

Ubiquiti G5 Bullet - Daytime

Ubiquiti G5 Bullet - Night

Ubiquiti G4 Dome

Ubiquiti G4 Dome - Daylight

Ubiquiti G4 Dome - Night

Ubiquiti G5 Dome

Ubiquiti G5 Dome - Daylight

Ubiquiti G5 Dome - Night

Ubiquiti AI Bullet

Ubiquiti AI Bullet - Daylight

Ubiquiti AI Bullet - Night

Ubiquiti G4 Pro

Ubiquiti G4 Pro - Daylight

Ubiquiti G4 Pro - Night

You can find our full range of cameras here.

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