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WatchGuard Gateway AV Signature Service Updates Failing

On Monday, 20 July, the WatchGuard Gateway AV signature update service for signatures failed. As part of our Gateway AV signature set release process, updates are assembled, validated and tested prior to release. We have identified a problem in the delivery process that has caused the signature update failure.

When the update process fails, you will see an error message that states: "The signature update failed:  An error occurred when verifying the checksum of the signature file (12)."

Although the signature update process is not working, this problem does not affect network traffic passing through the Firebox.  Gateway AV will continue to operate using the last known updated signature set.

We are actively working on a solution and will be updating the Knowledge Base article with more information as it becomes available.  The article is listed under Featured Articles and titled, "Gateway AV Signature Updates Failing."

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