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Watchguard - Participate in the AuthPoint Authentication API Beta Test!

The Tech Geeks |

We are excited to announce that the AuthPoint Authentication API is now available to beta test! The Authentication API is a new service that you can use to add the protection of AuthPoint multi-factor authentication (MFA) directly into your custom applications, using RESTful API calls.

Would you like to quickly add MFA to your Web portal? Maybe add Push, QR Code or OTP (one-time password) authentication into your home developed application?

With the AuthPoint Authentication API, you will be able to:

  • Authenticate a user with a time-based OTP
  • Generate a customized authentication request to your users as a push notification
  • Poll for the push status: push notification received and authentication request approved, denied or pending
  • Generate a QR Code challenge and validate the response
  • Validate the user’s password with AuthPoint or separately on your application
  • And much more!

To get started, click here to visit our beta management site. You’ll find instructions on how to enable API access for your account and start using the Authentication API.

We look forward to hearing any suggestions or feedback you can give us.

Thanks for helping us to make AuthPoint a great product!