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BP100-12V CyberPower Battery Management System - Battery Probe



SKU: BP100-12V

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CyberPower BP100-12VT is part of a battery management system, which consists of Battery Manager and Battery Probes. The system provides a proactive approach to manage and monitor the battery system, eliminating the risk of downtime by ensuring the UPS batteries are optimally charged and ready for use. The system detects the weak battery early to reduce the possibility of damage to the entire battery string, thus extending the battery lifespan, maximizing the battery performance, and delivering a reduced cost of maintenance.


The battery management system can monitor up to several strings of batteries and equalize each battery's voltage, which enhances battery performance. After installing the hardware and configuring an IP address, users can simply monitor the battery voltage, temperature and internal resistance through the user-friendly web interface.


The battery management system can support Environmental Sensor and user upgradeable firmware. The battery management system is fully Ethernet TCP/IP compatible with integrated web server and supports SNMP/MIB communication, data record, alarm notification, and more. The system can also operate under extremely wide temperature range.



Equalize the Battery String Voltage
Maximize the battery performance
Extend the battery lifespan
RoHS Compliant

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