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LBE-5AC-XR Ubiquiti UISP airMAX LiteBeam AC 5 GHz XR




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The Ubiquiti LBE-5AC-XR airMAX LiteBeam Outdoor 5GHz 29dBi CPE Link is an outdoor, wireless station designed to establish high-speed connections over extremely long distances, allowing you to serve more subscribers with just a single device.


The LBE 5AC XR also features a proprietary, high-gain antenna capable of delivering 450+ Mbps throughput over the 5 GHz frequency range.



Proprietary airMAX ac chipset.
Ultra-lightweight aluminium alloy and UV-stabilised polycarbonate.
High-gain antenna with InnerFeed technology.
Establishes high-speed, extremely-long-distance links.
Integrated GPS.
Link planning support via ISP Design Centre.
Dedicated management radio for quick device setup via the UISP Mobile app.

  • Datasheets and Guides

Click HERE to access the Datasheet

Click HERE to access the Installation Guide

Learn how to create the perfect Point to Point connection

Step One - Get to know how a point to point works

Step Two - Choose your Point to Point device

There are many factors that affect a point to point to point connection, including distance, elevation, obstructions etc.   Please do reach out to our team if you are not sure.  We have listed some of the most common devices below, which should be good for connections that are generally less than 2km in length.

Step Three - You will probably need some way to mount it

Step Four - You will need to power it

Many of the devices will come with a PoE injector in the box.  If they don't you will need to either power it from a PoE switch or a PoE injector.


Not sure what PoE is, this video may help.